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Catheter Connections Announces Updated Labeling Changes

Catheter Connections, developer of DualCap™ disinfectant caps, is proud to announce that we have updated our Instructions For Use (IFU) and enhanced the indications for use for our DualCap™ disinfectant caps to be effective for disinfecting both the needleless access ports as well as the male luer connectors.  The new indication for use is: When left in place for 30 seconds, the disinfecting caps disinfect the luer access valve and the male luer connector and provide a physical barrier to contamination for up to 7 days under normal conditions if not removed.  This is a change from our initial disinfecting times of 5 minutes and 96 hours, to 30 seconds and 7 days.

This change will enable greater flexibility in use for you our valued customers, and continues our commitment to develop our DualCap™ product line to meet customer needs.

DualCap™ is the first FDA cleared and patented disinfection cap that safely disinfects and protects male luer connectors as well as needleless connectors. DualCap’s™ unique technology safely disinfects the male luer without getting any toxic isopropyl alcohol into the patient’s infusion line. It is the only medical device on the market that meets these important safety criteria. DualCap™ provides a simple solution to a common and expensive problem – CRBSI, which can cost providers thousands of dollars for each occurrence.